New Year is starting off right!

December was a crazy month for me! Hell, even November was, but that was because I took a 10 day staycation to Indianapolis. Super Fun! But then I was unexpectedly home for 2 weeks in Indiana with family.

Since this took a toll on my social life, I feel like I have lost time to make up for. Good thing I have 3 dates scheduled this week! Can’t wait to blog about them later this week!

In the meantime I am semi-stressing about what to wear as the weather we are having in Chicago is crazy! Normally, I would be in skinny jeans and a cute top, but with all the snow all I can think about wearing is sweatpants and Uggs. Along with no judgement from my date.

This made me think I am sure others in such wintery areas have the same dilemma. I always feel my cutest in some high heels, but that will not be happening this week. Listed below are a few outfits I would totally wear for a first date.

dressy casual 2 I love grey! I love that this olive top is a bit flirty yet the sweater brings it in the make it more cozy. Not a huge fan of the style of boot it is, but pairing it with a similar grey boot or even black I think would totally work. Of course completing the outfit with a cute scarf and earrings would be my choice.

dressy casual 4 Love the loafers! I also just love the simplicity of this outfit. Cute jeans, cute sweater- done and done.

dressy casual 3Love the red! I am a true believer that red is a power color. I think it just makes you feel more confident and after all we all probably need that on a first date! I am digging the cardigan as well, but I must warn you, be careful of flowy open cardigans. They can make you look frumpy if they are just too open. I normally by mine a size smaller to get the appropriate effect.

dressy casualThis is totally my winter style. I love a good simple tank or tee-shirt to go under a cardigan or sweater. I think a great bold necklace always make any outfit look dressier than what it is. Loving these tall boots, but they could still be a challenge to walk in when it is icy and snowy.

blazer Lastly, I feel like  you can never go wrong with a blazer. I am also a HUGE fan of color blocking, when it done correctly. The only changes I would make for this outfit would be to wear a more neutral shoe (black or nude) and bring a neutral handbag. Too much color blocking can make you, in my opinion, look like you are either 12 or a drag queen. Neither are flattering when  you are trying to make a decent impression on a first date.

Enjoy my style, and if you have any suggestion on what you would wear on a first date, I would love to hear them!


Dating a Tinder

Ah, good ol Tinder. Well, Tinder now has two meanings to me- the app and the new nickname for the latest guy I have been speaking with.

Tinder and I have been chatting for a little over a month now. He was one of the first right swipes that I gave. I won’t lie, he is normally not the typical guy I would think would be my type. I was hesitant to give him the right swipe because of this, but hey, maybe that’s why I am in this position so I thought what the hell! I normally go for the guy with all the dark features and Tinder is blond, 30 years old yet has a baby face- like when he drinks he still gets rosy cheeks type of baby face. Tinder said hello first which of course I loved as I love it when the guy makes the first move ( I have not idea why I am still a little old fashion in this way). It took me a couple of days to respond because I still thought “what the hell am I doing on this app?’ However, Tinder is a really nice guy- like a true nice guy. I am so not used to this. I figure in text everyone is nice but when we met in person he was just as nice as he was on text.

Our first meeting was definitely not normal- I ended up inviting Tinder and a few of his friends to a house party I was having. I went back and forth with this idea, after all it is WEIRD. I had a few single girlfriends visitings and they just kept telling me YOLO. So, I went for it- I told him when the party started, well ok, I gave him a time much later than the actual party time. I needed to give myself a buffer in case my friends were late- that and I figured I needed to be a few cocktails in before I meet Tinder- for the first time, at my house.

Tinder turned out to not be a weirdo (Praise Jesus!) and his friends weren’t bad either. After the party at the house died down we decided to go to the bar across the street. This is where I think I decided I wanted to give Tinder a chance. Tinder probably gave me the nicest, corniest compliment out there- He kept telling me I was pretty. DISCLAIMER: I don’t know what to do with a compliment. I relayed this disclaimer to Tinder and his response was “well I will just keep giving them to you so you get used to them.”  Who is this kid? Why is he so nice to me? Is this who he really is? Is it the Miller Lite and Fireball shots talking?

I have even asked my friends multiple times- why is he so nice? This made me realize I am more damaged than I realize. I have never just dated the nice guy- EVER! Even in the beginning of my past relationships, the guys are still dickheads, rude, jerks etc. I have always thought that I was attracted to the nice, cocky guy, but NO! I have always been attracted to the jerk. Why? Do I really feel like that is all I am worth? In a recent text from my best friend she sent me this someecards:

polite dick someecards

This someecard speaks to me! That’s just it- there really is no better way to say it! Is Tinder the polite dick? Time will only tell. We have been talking since the party and have seen each other a few more times- but no real first date yet. We have made several attempts but the cards have not been in our favor. Needless to say, I am annoyed with this, but I am still trying to keep an open mind than go my normal route of writing Tinder off completely. Hopefully, the next post can be about our actual first date…