Date with the Virgin…sort of

virgin ecards

After going through a not so pretty break up, my friends where there to get me right back in the game of dating! Love them.

Well, one of my best friends here in the city had a friend that just moved here from the east coast. After thinking about it, I had already met him at her house-warming party about 6 months back. I most certainly thought he was very attractive but didn’t really give him much thought as after all when I did meet him, I was dating the ex.

In efforts to get us both out on a first date, my friend would have us over for dinner at their apartment leaving us to share a cab home since we both lived in Lakeview. She and her husband would get us together for drinks at the bar, and leave us there to chit-chat.

The Virgin and I always had a blast together. We got drunk together, we danced together, we shared stories, met each others friends- but never went on a real date, nor did he ever try to make out with me. This routine of our lasted for about a year. Was he a Virgin???

Of course, after a few months of this routine, I knew it was not going to be going anywhere. He confirmed this one night when we were out and he said let me buy you a beer and it was a PBR (I mean, really? You couldn’t spring for the Miller Lite?). Then he confirmed it again when he said we can’t date because we have mutual friends. Got it, moving on.

The Virgin ended up moving away and I went to his going away party, with my friends that introduced us, and in true form and maybe one last hurrah, they left to go home and I went to party with The Virgin at a 4am bar. Being late and drunk, I invited my ex to meet us out at this bar as well- I mean after all, The Virgin has made it very clear that  we are just friends, I didn’t think this was a problem. Until he told me that he would just stay at the front of the bar with his friends because he didn’t want to be around my ex. And the kicker…he then asked me what we were because he thought we came to the bar “together”.

He was moving the next day and I am pretty sure the look on my face was something like this: