I am a crazy, wild, laid back, fly by the seat of my pants, midwest born and raised woman living in the best city in the world- Chicago! I am approaching 30 in the next few months and I am here to challenge myself and make you laugh along the way.

I wanted to start a blog to give myself a project as I need something new, different and just simply something more creative in my life.  You will learn, in reading my blog, that this year of being 29 has been quite the challenge for me already, but my goal for this blog is to make these next 6 months before I am 30 the better 6 months of being 29. All in all , I need a project to make me a better me! So here I am, sharing all tales of dating and being single in the city.

My last serious relationship ended 3 years ago. (What? Dont judge me!). I have, of course, dated in between and realized a few months ago that no one talks about these weird, awkward good or bad- moments we have while being single, unless it is in weird, bitter singles blog (no offense). I mean why would we want to air all of our dirty laundry out there to strangers, or just simply admit to the fact that the blind date I had was with a midget? It’s embarrassing! But this is just life, and I am ok with airing it all out there and having you laugh at me.

Enjoy my stories…I am sure you will have a “Praise Jesus” moment in knowing someone else out there experienced the same thing as you, is living the same life as you or that it might even be worse.


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