Umm, hello? Didn’t you just tell me you had a girlfriend?

isabelle...mixed signals

Ah, my date with The Consultant is a good one. But first, you should know the background on how we met.

I was meeting one of my girlfriends and her husband downtown for Oktoberfest. She invited me because she didn’t want to be the third wheel during “bro time”as her husband was meeting one of their guy friends. Little did either one of us know is that The Consultant and I would really hit it off!

He was attractive, confident, funny, mature- holy hell, did I just meet the total package? We shortly moved closer and closer to one another having a great conversation and exchanging numbers. Being a consultant and all, The Consultant was traveling back and forth between Chicago, San Fran, Dallas and Hawaii. Must be nice, huh?

This led us to texting most of the time, and holy hell, it SUCKED! We had the worst text chemistry ever. But every time he was in town, we seemed to be having double dates with our mutual friends and still really hitting it off. And I know it was just not in my head because even my girlfriend would comment how much he seemed to like me. We even both ended up going stag to their wedding and basically became each others date.

Over the next few months, I started picking up that he might be dating some one else- like seriously. I wasn’t hurt by this after all we were not dating but I was confused. Was he just afraid of committing because even though he was talking to someone else, he was inviting me to the cities he was visiting/working- and for free. Probably should have tried a bit harder to take him up on the Hawaii offer.

We both had a few busy months ahead of us, but after about a month or so of him traveling he was finally back in Chicago, and finally asked me out on a real date! Or so I thought he did…

We ended up meeting at Webster Wine Bar, ordered food and had great wine flights along with great conversation per usual when we were face to face. Then the awkward part came- he told me he had a girlfriend! WTF?? Now, it didn’t just end there- he went on to complain about what he didn’t like about her. Maybe he felt bad because he did like me- I don’t know, but I was stumped.

I finished my last flight as soon as I could, made the best conversation I could because after all we have mutual friends, I will see him again. And then it got more weird- he asked what I was doing for the weekend. thank god, I was heading out-of-town for a friend’s birthday, and when I told him that he told me maybe he would come down a few days later to hang out with me. Umm, hello? Didn’t you just tell me you had a girlfriend?

slut, wine and dine


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