Adventures in Tindering

tindertinder match

In my last post, I mentioned Tinder and how brilliant I think it is, and I am here to tell you why!

Ok, so all in all, Tinder is not an online dating site(in my opinion anyway)- it is Hot or Not? Anyone else remember that? (Bonus points if you do) With Tinder not being a dating site, man does this take a lot of pressure off of having to feel that I need to email all my matches, try to find new ones, get a date etc.

You swipe left or right whether your match is hot or not (like or nope in the world of Tinder), and if you have both said yes, you are able to message either other. BRILLIANT! Within a matter of one wipe I am able to make a match, say hello, and maybe get a response back. WAHOO! the best part is that I do not have to think of this email to send to something with something witty and clever in it in hopes that they are finding me oh so funny and just have to respond back. Tinder also makes it fun because you can see if you have any shared interested via Facebook along with any shared friends.

It is also a very refreshing feeling knowing I am at least talking to someone who finds me attractive (and hopefully, I am not getting Catfished!). I personally think with there is always someone who is more so interested in the other, but because we are all paying to be on this site we might as well “take what we can get”. I must say, without sounding like I am bragging, I have never had some many online conversation going on. In one weekend, I have had as many as 10 conversations going with different men in the city. Not all of them have gone anywhere in terms of sealing the deal with a date, but man did this boost my confidence! Thanks Tinder!

If you have heard of Tinder, are single and curious, totally download it! Worse case scenario is you can delete it after you get a few good laughs. I definitely have more to tell about my adventures in Tindering, but more on that later…


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